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Leveraging Technology to Effectively Target Financial Products to Millennials

In this presentation, Rechelle Coombes Marketing Manager – Business Marketing BT Financial Group, explores how as the economic power of Gen-Y expands, its members will change their spending, saving and investment habits, bringing with it a new opportunity to effectively market to them.

A Look at The World’s Leading E-Payment Platforms

Southeast Asia continues to be a largely cash-in-hand economy, with 264 million unbanked adults across the region, concentrated largely in developing countries, such as Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Given the region’s huge potential for growth in financial inclusion and e-payments, this report examines three of the world’s largest e-payment...

Indonesia booming digital financial services sector

Indonesia is one of the biggest economies in Asia-Pacific region, it’s speed of internet adoption ranked high globally and the smartphone penetration is growing by 20% year-on-year. Current estimates suggest that rising financial inclusion through DFS will help power a 5% GPD growth by 2020, providing over $45 billion and...

Adapt to Survive: How Retail Banks Are Adapting to FinTech Disruption

Alternative lending models are transforming the banking sector, creating both competitive threats and evolutionary opportunities for financial institutions in Asia. But with an estimated 4,000 firms challenging banks in every product line, the level of disruption facing the financial industry has reached a tipping point. It’s time to adapt to...

Dealing with Disruption: Lessons learned from Barclays Bank Digital Transformation Journey

Digital Disruption is no longer a new concept to the financial services industry. Over the past 12 months, many financial organisations – large and small – have been transforming and restructuring their business models to drive digital capability. John Berghout, Chief Operating Officer, Digital Banking at Barclays Bank, explores how...

Defence Bank's Omni-channel Strategy to Enhance the Customer Experience

In this presentation Jon Linehan, CEO of Australia’s Defence Bank, outline’s his organisation’s omni-channel strategy and innovation functionality to enhance the customer experience.

Disrupting from the Inside: Driving Change through Cultural Transformation

In this presentation, Andy Weir, CIO, Bankwest, explores the link between organisational culture and disruption and ways to adopt a digital disruption mindset.