Ery Punta Hendraswara

Deputy Executive General Manager
Telkom Indonesia
Experienced in Telco industry for more than 19 years. Joined Telkom Indonesia in 1997 started as a Data
Center engineer. He designed and operatedone of the biggest and also the first Telkom Internet data
center. He has assigned in manyassignments such as Managing Online Product Development as
Manager and Focus in key account management as Senior Account manager in Financial, Insurance and
Banking Industry.
Started in 2012 he was in charge for Telkom Business Innovation Strategy and since 2014 he was in
charge for Group Convergence Strategy which one of the responsibility was converged the Telco service
offering with the e-payment as the service enabler. And now he is in charge for Coherence and
Innovation management as the Deputy Executive General Manager, responsible for incubating and
accelerating Telkom Digital service product development.
Related to payment industry, He is also appointed as the board of committee of Indonesia Payment
System Association (ASPI) as the Head of Committee 6 which has main responsibility in Payment System
Technology. ASPI is an association for the payment system industry in Indonesia which have members
consisted of all Banks in Indonesia, Telco companies, and Switching companies. ASPI as Self Regulatory
Organization works as the counterpart of Central bank of Indonesia in regulating the payment system
Industry in Indonesia.

6:00 PM Close of Day 1

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